The flower island in the Atlantic Ocean (2023)

The island of Madeira, derived from the Portuguese word for "wood," is undeniably the most breathtaking place we have ever visited. Its natural beauty is truly awe-inspiring: Everywhere you turn, you are surrounded by vibrant green landscapes, majestic cliffs, the deep blue ocean, and an explosion of colorful flowers with delightful fragrances. The island is a haven for unique wildlife, particularly its diverse bird population. For us, it was a dream come true as hikers, with countless trails and pathways leading to mesmerizing viewpoints (Miradouros) and hidden treasures. Our exploration of Madeira's natural wonders left an indelible mark on our memories. Whether you are a nature enthusiast or simply in search of a place of tranquil beauty, Madeira is a destination that will captivate you, especially during the enchanting season of spring. Farewell for now, Madeira, until we meet again!